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Our Mission

The mission of the multimodal interaction research (MIR) laboratory is to recognize and promote new and promising research in the disciplines of software engineering and human computer interaction (HCI) that show high research values as well as provide substantial benefits for the less privileged community in Malaysia, especially children with communication disabilities; the goal is to improve the quality of their lives and help them to be more independent. Such improvement can be obtained through the use of speech-based HCI technology and interactive game-based software systems that support the verbal communication improvements among the Malay speaking speech-impaired children with people close to them such as parents, caregivers and teachers.

The MIR aims to host several research teams conducting pioneer research in the speech-based HCI fields with the objective of growing them into full-fledged research focus with close links to the industry in the near future. Currently, MIR is hosting four distinctive research teams that focus on various aspects of speech-based HCI technology and Interactive game-based software system for children with speech impairment.